Success + Testimony = Successtimony

Hi, I’m Jeroen.

In my daily life I work in big tech, but at the end of 2019 I was stuck wondering what success would mean for my life.

So, as a personal research project, I started asking people and set myself the goal of interviewing at least 100. I gathered my 100 “success testimonies” at the beginning of 2022. However, I loved the conversations so much that I kept going. As of November 2022, I am at 164 interviews.

Why share this journey? When I started asking people, I realized that quite a lot of people just “spend” their lives, rather than invest them. More than 95% of the people I asked were somehow startled by the question. Many admitted that they should think about this question more, and perhaps adjust the direction of their lives. With this website I will share what I learn. This way, , I hope to inspire people to live deliberate lives, investing livestowards whatever it is they define as a successful life for themselves.

Being on this journey has helped me tremendously, hopefully it helps you as well

Feel free to leave your Successtimony to help mine and other’s journeys of creating more successful lives for ourselves

Learn more about me and other subjects I think about at: www.jeroenkemperman.com